Blogging for Maximum Impact

Blogging for Maximum Impact

Are you a small business looking to leverage a blogging service to help boost your company’s bottom line? Do you want to dominate the Google rankings and leave your competitors in the dust?

If so, then understanding the four building blocks of a top quality blog is key to your success. This article will give you the secrets to creating a killer blog while still optimizing your business model and boost sales.

Pick Your Content and Blogging Service Carefully

When picking out your content, the best blogging service will encourage you to find very specific topics to address and inform your customer base.

Your client wants to know accurate information. That means the more precise you can be when writing an article, the better your response rate.

Look for a common topic that your customers may be interested in and instead of writing a “blanket” blog covering a broad range of categories, narrow down your content to a detailed approach in solving a problem.

The more specific, the better. Take this blog for example. It’s about the top four ways to plan and write your blog for maximum impact. Not a comprehensive piece on how blogging helps your business. It offers a select few points of interest to focus on, giving real results.

Optimize for SEO Ranking

Most companies hire a blogging service to boost their online presence. So working with a company that offers SEOblogging service keyword optimization is ideal. Blogs are an excellent way to get your business’s name in front of new and existing customers.

By leveraging your keywords throughout the blog, it helps to tag your company through search engines and boost your overall ranking.

Also, blogs are quickly shared through various social media platforms including Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter to provide even more back-link power.

Ensure Easy Readability

Contrary to popular belief, readers donn’t want a long and drawn out article unless it’s a superb story. That means short and brief sentences will give the reader a much easier time going through “all” of your content.

Adding frequent paragraph breaks will also make your readers more comfortable when first glancing at your blog while achieving readability.

If your blog is chalk full of long paragraphs and packed full of text with no breaks, chances are they will only close your blog because it appears to be too much work to read.

Add Visuals and Interest

Finally, the web is a mecca for visual experience. So it’s best practice to include as many visuals as appropriate for your blog length. If your blog has a word count of 300, then placing one to two images is recommended.

blogging serviceBlogs that are longer in length require even more of a photo to text ratio to ensure your customers not only stay engaged but also feel that your content demonstrates thought and interest.

Visuals are also great at solidifying your concepts. For those who are “creatively challenged,” a picture says a thousand words.

Charts and comparisons are also an excellent way to simplify your content and give a quick summary to those reading about services or products.

Your blogging service can be a vital part of your business. Providing that you offer precise, concise, and engaging content aimed at giving actionable items without all the “fluff.”

Picking a company that provides the right combination of tools in their blogging service, including SEO optimization, topic-specific writing services, and guidance can be the difference between just pumping out “content” and providing real value to your customer base.

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