Leveraging Analytics for Content Campaigns: Page Views & Referral Visits

Leveraging Analytics for Content Campaigns: Page Views & Referral Visits

If you are a content marketing guru, then you know how important the numbers are when it comes to the impact, reach, and return on investment.That’s why using an analytics tool to help you with your content creation can be a very effective method of writing.

So understanding and knowing how to leverage the powerful tools of online and system analytics can be the difference between swinging in the dark and knocking it out of the park.

There are countless of analytics websites out there to help you find the right balance of depth, content, graphs and information to hone your marketing skills and know exactly how well your business is doing reaching new and existing customers.

With so many different options to choose from, we are going to cover a small sample of the tools available to you in order to give you enough information to begin your journey into the world of analytics.

Covering Content based on Page Views

Everyone loves to see their online charts shooting skyward in a short amount of time, but understanding how to know what your customers are doing when on your website is even more valuable. Content Creation

Yes, having traffic is a starting point to understanding if your marketing content is driving focus to your site or business, but digging a bit deeper to see how long a customer stays on a page, if they are purchasing items, or even sharing your information gives you a better idea of the effectiveness of your marketing content.

For example, if you are getting tons of traffic to your website, but the average page view is a few seconds, then your marketing content is not engaging your customer’s interest enough to invest time looking into your company once they visit your business.Instead try pin pointing popular topics to plan effective content creation.

Instead, having a partial article in your marketing material that directs them to the full article that they can spend some time viewing can increase their possibility to take your business seriously and begin investigating other areas of your business.

Content Creation based on Referral Visits

Another excellent tool that online marketing and analytics offer is that you can directly track and promote your referral system. In the old days, word of mouth was a powerful and direct way to grow your brand and business. 

In today’s modern society, understanding your numbers when it comes to referral visits is also key to driving success. 

There are typically three main categories of referrals when it comes to your analytics:

  • Direct – This report tracks the direct link tracking one uses to click on and get to your web page. This is also an excellent way to leverage email marketing and including a link directly to your web page with your promotions.
  • Social – This measurement is tied to the redirects from a social site to your website, giving you a social Content Creationnetwork impact and return on investment value. This can be connecting your website information on Facebook, suggesting content on Twitter, and other social platforms.

    Many companies love the idea of their posts going “viral” and getting phenomenal results from posting to their social circles.

Having a website is commonplace nowadays in our fast technology, constant communications and ever existing online portfolio’s.  Understanding the impact and effectiveness of your site is key to becoming successful.

If you are looking to build a website for content, commercial, or other purposes, then knowing how and when your customers visit your site is just as important as how long they spend browsing your content.

So next time your log into your website, take some time to check out your analytics and take the next step in making your website great.

Content creation doesn’t have to be a “weird science’.  Instead it can be a very direct way to communicate and bring value to your customers.

Blogging for Maximum Impact

Blogging for Maximum Impact

Are you a small business looking to leverage a blogging service to help boost your company’s bottom line? Do you want to dominate the Google rankings and leave your competitors in the dust?

If so, then understanding the four building blocks of a top quality blog is key to your success. This article will give you the secrets to creating a killer blog while still optimizing your business model and boost sales.

Pick Your Content and Blogging Service Carefully

When picking out your content, the best blogging service will encourage you to find very specific topics to address and inform your customer base.

Your client wants to know accurate information. That means the more precise you can be when writing an article, the better your response rate.

Look for a common topic that your customers may be interested in and instead of writing a “blanket” blog covering a broad range of categories, narrow down your content to a detailed approach in solving a problem.

The more specific, the better. Take this blog for example. It’s about the top four ways to plan and write your blog for maximum impact. Not a comprehensive piece on how blogging helps your business. It offers a select few points of interest to focus on, giving real results.

Optimize for SEO Ranking

Most companies hire a blogging service to boost their online presence. So working with a company that offers SEOblogging service keyword optimization is ideal. Blogs are an excellent way to get your business’s name in front of new and existing customers.

By leveraging your keywords throughout the blog, it helps to tag your company through search engines and boost your overall ranking.

Also, blogs are quickly shared through various social media platforms including Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter to provide even more back-link power.

Ensure Easy Readability

Contrary to popular belief, readers donn’t want a long and drawn out article unless it’s a superb story. That means short and brief sentences will give the reader a much easier time going through “all” of your content.

Adding frequent paragraph breaks will also make your readers more comfortable when first glancing at your blog while achieving readability.

If your blog is chalk full of long paragraphs and packed full of text with no breaks, chances are they will only close your blog because it appears to be too much work to read.

Add Visuals and Interest

Finally, the web is a mecca for visual experience. So it’s best practice to include as many visuals as appropriate for your blog length. If your blog has a word count of 300, then placing one to two images is recommended.

blogging serviceBlogs that are longer in length require even more of a photo to text ratio to ensure your customers not only stay engaged but also feel that your content demonstrates thought and interest.

Visuals are also great at solidifying your concepts. For those who are “creatively challenged,” a picture says a thousand words.

Charts and comparisons are also an excellent way to simplify your content and give a quick summary to those reading about services or products.

Your blogging service can be a vital part of your business. Providing that you offer precise, concise, and engaging content aimed at giving actionable items without all the “fluff.”

Picking a company that provides the right combination of tools in their blogging service, including SEO optimization, topic-specific writing services, and guidance can be the difference between just pumping out “content” and providing real value to your customer base.

SEO Ranking and Customer Reviews

SEO Ranking and Customer Reviews

Are you looking to boost your SEO Ranking on Google and other search engines?

If you are a small business trying to compete online, then understanding how customer reviews impact your SEO ranking results is key to your success.

This article will guide you through the process on how to obtain the proper reviews, get the exposure your company needs and boost your overall online presence.

SEO Ranking Basics

All businesses want maximum exposure and SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a major factor to your online presence.

Google and other search engines use various algorithms to determine your “value” as a website.

This value is then turned into a ranking and places you accordingly within their search priority.

SEO basics are not as complicated as one may think once you understand your target audience, product relevancy and tips of the trade.

Many components go into your SEO ranking including; keywords, content, age of your domain, back-links and yes customer reviews.

How do Reviews Affect Your Bottom Line?

Customers use online review sites to evaluate your business brand and reputation.

Creditable review sites such as Angie’s List and Home Advisor greatly boost your businesses online brand.

Customers are more like to buy your product or service if they can read specific customer reviews.’

Customer Behavior

Customers expect you to have an online presence and brand. With so many new review sites popping up, it is almost mandatory that your business is showcased.

A customer is more likely to click on a business with multiple reviews, than a business simply listed in the search engine results.

Location Reviews and SEO Ranking

Location specific reviews tend to get higher rankings. Similar to local keywords. For example, “Tampa, FL Home SEO RankingImprovement” will rank better than “home improvement”.

Create local citations in business directories to boost your online presence.

Take your time when creating your business directory, as frequent updates and changes can impact your ranking.

Profile Views Impact Ranking

The total number of profile views on a business review site also impacts the bottom line and increases your overall ranking.

More Links More Ranking

The more backlinks your company has greatly improves your search-ability. Therefore the more review sites you are listed on the more links back to your website is registered with search engines.

Search Engine Algorithm

It is reported that Google uses roughly 10% of their search engine algorithm aimed at customer reviews.

Simply put, if you have online reviews, you have just boosted your SEO ranking by 10%

Common Strategies to Get the Best Reviews

Get Quality Reviews

The most important part of getting a review is to get a quality review.

Customers are using reviews as a major factor when deciding which business to go with.

Surveys indicate that over the last few years more and more customers are relying on online reviews to make their decisions.

Your goal is to have customers elaborate on particular items, offer detailed information about their order, experience or product review.

Quality reviews should also be relevant to your product or service.

Offering surveys for your product or service is another great way to solicit solid and positive reviews.

Make it easy for the customer to write the review, keeping the review process simple and fluid within the purchase process.

Spotlight customers who offer reviews showing them that you value their time and feedback.

Finally, just ask. Many of your customers are more than happy to write a review for you, especially if they love your product or service.

Get on Multiple Review Platforms

Getting a review on your website is great, getting a review on Angie’s List is even better.The key to making the most out of your reviews is to have customers posting positive comments on multiple SEO Rankingplatforms.Sign up for various credible review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, BBC, Bing Places, Home Advisor and other top rated consumer sites.Consider your local review sites as well to target your keyword selections and local markets. For example, if you live in New England, then checking your local listings may offer you an advantage.

Social Media Management

Social media is all the buzz and believe it or not, customers use sites like Facebook and Twitter to report their customer experience.

If you do opt in for a social media page, the most important factor when managing your online presence is to understand that comments require immediate action.

Social Media users expect fast results, thus making this route a bit more taxing on your business responsibilities.

However, if done in a consistent and due diligent fashion, social media reviews can be a great way to boost your company brand.

Post Customer Reviews on your Own Website

While it is best practice to list your business with various “review sites” it’s also nice to see your positive comments on your own website.

Showcasing customer reviews can be an easy and rewarding component of your web design.

Try using a side bar slide show to keep the content fresh and new.

Update your reviews often to give new and up to date perspective.

Provide your customers with incentive to post reviews on your website.

Check Your Reviews Often

Setting up your business review model is only half the battle. Listening to your feedback is as important as getting started.

Keeping a tight schedule when it comes to checking on your reviews, replying and addressing customers with concerns, and responding to positive comments are all best practices.

Check Your Competition’s Reviews

As with any business, understanding your competition is a major factor in your overall business success.

Check your competitors reviews periodically to see what their customers are saying.

Get ideas about their success stories to see how you might incorporation your own spin to increase your customer review rating.

In the end, SEO ranking and optimization doesn’t have to be this mysterious void that you don’t understand as a business owner.

Finding your local market, registering for various review sites, and keeping your eye on what customers are saying is not something new.

By practicing some of our outlined best practices, you can expect to see an overall increase in your search engine rankings, while also getting the most out of your customer feedback.

So are you ready to begin ranking and finding out what great things your customers have to say?

Article Writing – Understanding the Top 3 Basics

Article Writing – Understanding the Top 3 Basics

Are you a small business looking to leverage a blog or article writing to drive customers to your landing page?

If so, then understanding the basics about how to create well written, informative and easy to read content is key to your success.

This article outlines the top 3 basics when planning and writing your online content.

Article Writing Planning

The first step in writing an article is to plan out your topics, areas of expertise and general audience. article writing

Most companies will offer a wide variety of content including industry tips, best practices, and even promotional material.

Topics: Topics are abundant. But finding a topic that actually has value to your reader is much more effective then just writing “fluff”.

If you are a plumber, then writing an article about general plumbing tricks will not be as effective as writing an article about “how to fix a leaking faucet”.

Areas of Expertise: The most important factor when considering a topic is to find one that matches your area of expertise.

For example, if you are an SEO company, writing guidelines on how to rank best for an industry is perfect for your content creation. This gives the reader a sense of authority on the subject, adding value.

Audience: Knowing your customer base and audience is the next factor when planning out your next article.

If your customer base is mostly millennials , then a short but sweet article is perfect for them. Add in visuals such as graphs and pictures to entice the reader.

Article Writing Readability

Many SEO applications offer a combined report on both SEO and Readability.

While there are no real reports that readability adds value directly to your personal rankings, it does add value to your reader base.

Picking key topics with very specific information, breaking the content up into smaller paragraphs, and sprinkling in pictures, links and “read more” text is recommended.

Article Writing SEO Friendly

SEO ranking is all the rage now days, and if you own a business with a website, chances are you are looking to boost article writingyour rankings.

Writing content offers multiple benefits when it comes to your rankings.

Page Count – Websites are measured by their total page count. That means the more pages your website registers, the more value it has for search engines.

Key Word Density – Utilizing your keyword, such as “article writing” within your text, 1 to 2 subheadings, and setting up your SEO optimization can be the difference between ranking and falling into the abyss.

Target Industry – SEO optimization also allows you to compete within your targeted industry. For example, if you specialize in concrete counter-tops, then using the keyword “concrete counter-tops” will boost your rankings much better than just targeting “counter-tops”.

Back Link – Back links are another great way to boost your online presence, offering hits to the search engines showing that your page is located on outside sources. Adding more value to your web domain.

Now that you have a basic introduction into article writing, what will be your next article topic? If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, writing content, or making the next logical move in your online presence, then our final tip is to hire a professional.

Health Blog – The Power of Sunlight

Health Blog – The Power of Sunlight

Finding a health blog that offers practical uses of the sun is a bit hard to find. Sure, there are a ton of articles on certain niches, but what about the top 5 uses? This blog will offer up a few samples on just how powerful and helpful our beautiful sun can be.

As the Earth follows it’s natural rotation and orbital pattern, just about every living thing on the planet is subject to the rise and fall of the sun each day.

Plants transform the sun’s energy into food, the human body absorbs vitamin D from the sun, and the Earth itself carefully balances our unique atmosphere by using the sun’s warmth to regulate temperature. So what are the real benefits of the sun and how it relates to the human body?

Dr. Michael Holick, author of ‘The UV Advantage’ explored the topic in detail during his research, specifically focused on the health benefits of Vitamin D. Mike Adams, of Health Ranger, spent time with Dr. Holick covering the topic and when asked about his findings and the direct impact of Vitamin D and the human body, Holick revealed, “we began to realize was that vitamin D was much more complex than thought. We always knew that vitamin D was made in your skin when health blogyou are exposed to sunlight, but it was only in the 1970s that it was finally appreciated that it actually had to go on this circuitous journey, first to your liver to get hydroxylated, kind of activated, modified — what’s called 25-hydroxy vitamin D – it’s the major circulating form of vitamin D that doctors should be measuring in your blood to determine your vitamin D status.”

While sunlight is great for the skin and your health, doctors recommend only moderate doses of this powerful healing agent. With that in mind, here are the top 5 reasons to bath in sunlight.

Sunlight to Fight Cancer – The American physician Dr. Zane Kime, frequently used sunlight to help battle and in some cases even reverse cancer in his patients. Kime also included natural foods to his cancer regiment to compliment his sunlight prescription.

Killing Bacteria – In 1903, Nobel Prize winner Niels Finsen, used sunlight to disinfect and heal wounds during World War II.

Improving Skin Conditions – Getting your daily dose of sunlight also helps to boost your skin’s natural oils, helping to improve dry skin ailments, and even various forms of psoriasis.

Rays of Happiness – The sun has also been attributed to helping those cope with depression to find a happy place. Specifically known to treat the seasonal depression called, SAD. SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, is common in regions that have long gray winters, proving that sunlight has a direct effect on your overall happiness level.

Lower Blood Pressure – Some studies point to the fact that if you get a daily dose of sunlight you can lower your blood pressure. Dr. Weller,senior lecturer in dermatology at Edinburgh University, found that “exposure to sunlight may lower people’s blood pressure and thus cut their risk of heart attack and stroke. This benefit has nothing to do with vitamin D.”

While most can agree, spending the day out in the sun can be both fun and draining. Finding the right balance of sunlight and your health is important and with any health regiment, moderation is key.

With that being said, scientists are continuing to research the overall impact and health benefits of the sun, giving us one more reason to feel good about bathing in the light.

What to Look for When Hiring a Blog Writer

What to Look for When Hiring a Blog Writer

Want to know what to look for when hiring a blog writer? Are you a small business looking to build your customer base and increase traffic to your website? Do you have a blog page but don’t know how to get started posting quality content?

If so, then you are among hundreds of fellow small businesses struggling with the idea of content creation.

This article is aimed at shedding some light on the subject and giving you guidelines on what to look for when planning your blog success.

Get to Know Your Blog Writer

While looking for a quality blog writer, one needs to keep in mind there are several things that are key to your working blog writerrelationship and success. First, find someone who has experience in your market, or the very least, working with a large customer base offering flexible writing styles.

Second, take some time to get to know your writer on a personal level. This will help build rapport and give a more open line of communication when it comes to describing your topic needs, customer base and overall business goals.

Finally, communicate often with your writer to set proper expectations of upcoming blog posts, business needs and deadlines. This helps the writer plan out their daily workload and ensure they can commit the required time and research needed to provide you with a quality blog.

Hire a Professional Blog Writer

If you are looking for the highest quality content, then hiring a full time writer is the difference between getting the standard “writing mill” content, and one that is polished, catered to your niche and well written.

A professional blog writer dedicates his or her full time into their own business, meaning they are as passionate about their own success as you are for your personal business.

In addition, a full time blog writer can commit to the required research and development time needed to create the proper content for your readers, giving you a “ready to publish” article.

Provide Specific Blog Topics

While many companies offer “pitches” to customers, it’s always best practice to provide very detailed instructions on the type of content you want in your articles.

By adding specific bullet points on topics you want covered removes the guesswork for the writer giving them more time to give more in-depth content around your desired topics. In some cases, pitches can be helpful if you are having a hard time coming up with content, however one should look to compliment their blogs with targeted content.

Hiring a blog writer is like hiring an employee. You want to make sure it is a right fit for both parties. Having someone you can count on, meet deadlines, understands your business goals and shares your passion to succeed are all key items to look for when researching and hiring your blogger.

Finding Your SEO Niche

Finding Your SEO Niche

If you are like me, when I first started out I had no idea how to optimize my website for the best SEO rankings. After a bit of research, working with various SEO experts and finding a few simple tools, I finally began to understand the algorithms and search criteria enough to begin ranking on various pages. While my current rankings are still fairly new and will always require frequent updates and tweaking, here are a few tips on how to best plan your SEO platform.

Check Your Competition

The very first step in understanding how to approach your SEO niche is to see what your competition is ranking for and which “keywords” are being paid high dollar premiums. Another important factor when narrowing down your SEO keyword strategy is to see what your local customers are actually searching for. I found that my personal customers were not necessarily “wording” their searches as I first expected, causing my initial keyword strategy to fail.

Find a Good SEO Rankings Measuring ToolSEO Rankings

Finding a good SEO tool also makes your research options much faster and more accurate. I personally signed up for Google Ad words, then used their Keyword Planner Tool to begin searching for top keyword searches. There are a number of free tools out on the market as well that offer similar search and result options, so finding the one that works for you is key. I liked Google ad words because I also use Google analytics and other tools to track my overall performance.

Free SEO Tool Suggestions

  • SEM Rush
  • Google Ad Words
  • SEO Firefox
  • Moz Local Listing

Rewrite Your SEO Keywords

Once you have narrowed down your keywords based on your industry, niche and target audience, the next step is to actually rewrite your content. The key here is to match the keyword exactly as appeared in your research. For example if you found that your industry searches for “lawn care services”, then be sure you are using that specific phrase and not using “lawn care service”. Believe it or not, leaving the “s” out of services can make a huge difference.

Practice Due Diligence

The final step to any SEO rankings project is to check your keyword density, performance and overall rankings. I personally have had to reword/rewrite my content a couple times before I saw any real tangible results. Knowing that SEO rankings require time, patience, and on-going work is another factor many fail to understand. In addition, you may find that you are ranking high with your keywords for several months, only to see your rankings drop. This can be due to Google or other search engines changing their algorithms, search criteria or other factors, making it mandatory for you to keep an eye on your current rankings and SEO approach.

Football Cheese Spread

Football Cheese Spread

With fall in the air, trees are changing color and the temperatures beginning to drop; that can mean only one thing, Football season is here! If you are as excited as we are to see the season kick off, then you’re probably planning your weekly game menu. We scoured the internet to find some of the best and greatest to kick off the season and here is a perfect starter dish.

What You Need:

  • 2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped green onions
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 (1.25 ounce) package taco seasoning mix
  • 1/2 slice American cheese, sliced into strips

Prep Time: 15 m

Ready In: 2 h 45 m

  1. Mix together the cream cheese, shredded Cheddar, green onion, Worcestershire sauce, and taco seasoning mix in a large bowl. Press the cheese mixture into a ball, turn it out onto a sheet of plastic wrap.
  2. Use the plastic wrap to press the cheese ball into the shape of a football by flattening the ball and rounding each end. Place the cheese football on a plate, arrange the strips of American cheese like laces on the top of the cheese football. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
  3. Remove the cheese ball from the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving.

Compliments of Amy Richards from allrecipes.com

Travel Blog – Texas Storm

Travel Blog – Texas Storm

A Travel blog is the perfect way to share with your audience the ups and downs of your adventure. This blog covers a couple of friends who were traveling through the state of Texas during a severe storm, facing flash floods, tornado sirens, and white knuckle driving.

This year, 2015, has been one for the record books. For those of you that have never witnessed a Texas thunderstorm, it’s a site to see. The first time I ever experienced a severe thunderstorm in the Northeast, I remember going outside and saying, “this isn’t a storm, this is a drizzle”.

Let me take you through a road trip through a real Texas storm. It was last month June 2015. We started off from South Padre Island and pointed the car north to Dallas, TX. The morning was beautiful. Sun shining, birds chirping, we had a full tank of gas and high spirits on getting home a bit early.

The first couple of hours we were making good time, shaving off a minute here and a minute there on the GPS reader. Itunes plugged in listening to upbeat road trip music. I sent a courtesy text to my mom letting her know we’d be home early to pick up the puppies. No worries. After my first 3 hour shift, I took the passenger seat for a little nap, waking up to the stop and go of traffic as we entered San Antonio.

At this point, the rain was starting, and traffic was beginning to get a bit claustrophobic. Before we knew it, it all hit the Travel Blogfan. The rain was coming down so hard you could barely see the car in front of you. The constant pounding of pelting rain on the hood and top of the car was beginning to get unnerving. Then the weather alerts started going off. My phone was lighting up like a jingle bells Christmas light synchronization. FLASH FLOOD IN THE AREA, SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS, TORNADO WARNING TAKE COVER NOW!!

By now, we’re at a dead stop in traffic, stuck on I-35 in the middle of Austin, with no near exit. The rain is relentless, and my phone fireworks isn’t helping the situation. I quickly defog my window with my jacket, start peering through the building high rises trying to spot
a twister. Checking the traffic ahead, looking at the cars next to me I do a quick self check-in. Uh oh….I might have to go potty.

To be continued…

If you liked our sample travel blog and would like to showcase a travel blog on your website, contact Speedy Writers directly. We’d love to hear from you.

Time to Update Your Website Content

Time to Update Your Website Content

Many companies create a website and call it done without ever considering updating their content on a regular basis. There are many reasons to update your website content, including updating your company mission, including new products and services, providing more meat around your company profile and many others. If you are looking to build your first website, or need to freshen up your current site, then Speedy Writers is here to help. We offer website content services that will give your audience something new to read, insight into your business, and of course a well written summary of all the wonderful products and services that you offer.

Sample Home Page Website Content

Don’s Home Repair offers a wide range of home repair and remodeling services, making us your top choice for all your home projects. If you are renovating your kitchen, replacing your carpet, or need general maintenance for your home, Website Contentthen we are the perfect crew for you and your next project.

Are you tired of your old carpet and want to finally update your living space with new and lush carpet choices? Do you want to update your kitchen or bathroom with state of the art fixtures and water features? If you are planning a home upgrade and want a local team of expert professionals with years of remodeling experience, then our team is here to help.

We offer a variety of home repair services, including new construction, room remodeling, kitchen services, bathroom solutions, carpet replacement, and general handyman services to give you the full service you expect out of a professional handy man company.

Our Home Repair Services Include:

  • Home Remodeling
  • Space Planning
  • New Construction
  • Carpentry Services
  • Carpet Installation
  • Carpet Removal
  • Handyman Repairs
  • General Contracting

Don’t let your home go unattended with an out of date fixture, old carpet and dingy paint when you have an affordable solution with Don’s Home Repair that can help you quickly and easily update your home with the newest fashions and designs. Call us today and find out how we can partner with you on your next renovation.

To learn more about our home repair services, or to schedule an appointment for one of our experts to come out to your home and help you find the right space planning on your next remodeling project, call our office today. We are always happy to meet with new customers and provide them with the professional guidance they need when updating their home.

If you are ready to update your website, include new content, or simply freshen up your tone then rewriting your content may be the perfect way to re-engage with your customers and revitalize your traffic. Speedy Writers will work with you on a personal basis to cover your SEO target keywords, provide meta descriptions, and full content to give you a full service experience when updating your website content.

Serving Dallas,TX – Carrollton,TX – Frisco,TX – Plano,TX – Denton,TX – Aubrey,TX – and North Texas