Leveraging Analytics for Content Campaigns: Page Views & Referral Visits

Leveraging Analytics for Content Campaigns: Page Views & Referral Visits

If you are a content marketing guru, then you know how important the numbers are when it comes to the impact, reach, and return on investment.That’s why using an analytics tool to help you with your content creation can be a very effective method of writing.

So understanding and knowing how to leverage the powerful tools of online and system analytics can be the difference between swinging in the dark and knocking it out of the park.

There are countless of analytics websites out there to help you find the right balance of depth, content, graphs and information to hone your marketing skills and know exactly how well your business is doing reaching new and existing customers.

With so many different options to choose from, we are going to cover a small sample of the tools available to you in order to give you enough information to begin your journey into the world of analytics.

Covering Content based on Page Views

Everyone loves to see their online charts shooting skyward in a short amount of time, but understanding how to know what your customers are doing when on your website is even more valuable. Content Creation

Yes, having traffic is a starting point to understanding if your marketing content is driving focus to your site or business, but digging a bit deeper to see how long a customer stays on a page, if they are purchasing items, or even sharing your information gives you a better idea of the effectiveness of your marketing content.

For example, if you are getting tons of traffic to your website, but the average page view is a few seconds, then your marketing content is not engaging your customer’s interest enough to invest time looking into your company once they visit your business.Instead try pin pointing popular topics to plan effective content creation.

Instead, having a partial article in your marketing material that directs them to the full article that they can spend some time viewing can increase their possibility to take your business seriously and begin investigating other areas of your business.

Content Creation based on Referral Visits

Another excellent tool that online marketing and analytics offer is that you can directly track and promote your referral system. In the old days, word of mouth was a powerful and direct way to grow your brand and business. 

In today’s modern society, understanding your numbers when it comes to referral visits is also key to driving success. 

There are typically three main categories of referrals when it comes to your analytics:

  • Direct – This report tracks the direct link tracking one uses to click on and get to your web page. This is also an excellent way to leverage email marketing and including a link directly to your web page with your promotions.
  • Social – This measurement is tied to the redirects from a social site to your website, giving you a social Content Creationnetwork impact and return on investment value. This can be connecting your website information on Facebook, suggesting content on Twitter, and other social platforms.

    Many companies love the idea of their posts going “viral” and getting phenomenal results from posting to their social circles.

Having a website is commonplace nowadays in our fast technology, constant communications and ever existing online portfolio’s.  Understanding the impact and effectiveness of your site is key to becoming successful.

If you are looking to build a website for content, commercial, or other purposes, then knowing how and when your customers visit your site is just as important as how long they spend browsing your content.

So next time your log into your website, take some time to check out your analytics and take the next step in making your website great.

Content creation doesn’t have to be a “weird science’.  Instead it can be a very direct way to communicate and bring value to your customers.

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