SEO Ranking and Customer Reviews

SEO Ranking and Customer Reviews

Are you looking to boost your SEO Ranking on Google and other search engines?

If you are a small business trying to compete online, then understanding how customer reviews impact your SEO ranking results is key to your success.

This article will guide you through the process on how to obtain the proper reviews, get the exposure your company needs and boost your overall online presence.

SEO Ranking Basics

All businesses want maximum exposure and SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a major factor to your online presence.

Google and other search engines use various algorithms to determine your “value” as a website.

This value is then turned into a ranking and places you accordingly within their search priority.

SEO basics are not as complicated as one may think once you understand your target audience, product relevancy and tips of the trade.

Many components go into your SEO ranking including; keywords, content, age of your domain, back-links and yes customer reviews.

How do Reviews Affect Your Bottom Line?

Customers use online review sites to evaluate your business brand and reputation.

Creditable review sites such as Angie’s List and Home Advisor greatly boost your businesses online brand.

Customers are more like to buy your product or service if they can read specific customer reviews.’

Customer Behavior

Customers expect you to have an online presence and brand. With so many new review sites popping up, it is almost mandatory that your business is showcased.

A customer is more likely to click on a business with multiple reviews, than a business simply listed in the search engine results.

Location Reviews and SEO Ranking

Location specific reviews tend to get higher rankings. Similar to local keywords. For example, “Tampa, FL Home SEO RankingImprovement” will rank better than “home improvement”.

Create local citations in business directories to boost your online presence.

Take your time when creating your business directory, as frequent updates and changes can impact your ranking.

Profile Views Impact Ranking

The total number of profile views on a business review site also impacts the bottom line and increases your overall ranking.

More Links More Ranking

The more backlinks your company has greatly improves your search-ability. Therefore the more review sites you are listed on the more links back to your website is registered with search engines.

Search Engine Algorithm

It is reported that Google uses roughly 10% of their search engine algorithm aimed at customer reviews.

Simply put, if you have online reviews, you have just boosted your SEO ranking by 10%

Common Strategies to Get the Best Reviews

Get Quality Reviews

The most important part of getting a review is to get a quality review.

Customers are using reviews as a major factor when deciding which business to go with.

Surveys indicate that over the last few years more and more customers are relying on online reviews to make their decisions.

Your goal is to have customers elaborate on particular items, offer detailed information about their order, experience or product review.

Quality reviews should also be relevant to your product or service.

Offering surveys for your product or service is another great way to solicit solid and positive reviews.

Make it easy for the customer to write the review, keeping the review process simple and fluid within the purchase process.

Spotlight customers who offer reviews showing them that you value their time and feedback.

Finally, just ask. Many of your customers are more than happy to write a review for you, especially if they love your product or service.

Get on Multiple Review Platforms

Getting a review on your website is great, getting a review on Angie’s List is even better.The key to making the most out of your reviews is to have customers posting positive comments on multiple SEO Rankingplatforms.Sign up for various credible review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, BBC, Bing Places, Home Advisor and other top rated consumer sites.Consider your local review sites as well to target your keyword selections and local markets. For example, if you live in New England, then checking your local listings may offer you an advantage.

Social Media Management

Social media is all the buzz and believe it or not, customers use sites like Facebook and Twitter to report their customer experience.

If you do opt in for a social media page, the most important factor when managing your online presence is to understand that comments require immediate action.

Social Media users expect fast results, thus making this route a bit more taxing on your business responsibilities.

However, if done in a consistent and due diligent fashion, social media reviews can be a great way to boost your company brand.

Post Customer Reviews on your Own Website

While it is best practice to list your business with various “review sites” it’s also nice to see your positive comments on your own website.

Showcasing customer reviews can be an easy and rewarding component of your web design.

Try using a side bar slide show to keep the content fresh and new.

Update your reviews often to give new and up to date perspective.

Provide your customers with incentive to post reviews on your website.

Check Your Reviews Often

Setting up your business review model is only half the battle. Listening to your feedback is as important as getting started.

Keeping a tight schedule when it comes to checking on your reviews, replying and addressing customers with concerns, and responding to positive comments are all best practices.

Check Your Competition’s Reviews

As with any business, understanding your competition is a major factor in your overall business success.

Check your competitors reviews periodically to see what their customers are saying.

Get ideas about their success stories to see how you might incorporation your own spin to increase your customer review rating.

In the end, SEO ranking and optimization doesn’t have to be this mysterious void that you don’t understand as a business owner.

Finding your local market, registering for various review sites, and keeping your eye on what customers are saying is not something new.

By practicing some of our outlined best practices, you can expect to see an overall increase in your search engine rankings, while also getting the most out of your customer feedback.

So are you ready to begin ranking and finding out what great things your customers have to say?

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